Competition Rules



The 1st Geneva International Tuba Competition is open to all tuba players of all nationalities born after the 12th of January 1989. There are no exceptions.

The competition is open to all tuba players possessing a certificate of studies from a conservatoire of music or music academy or its international equivalent or someone studying at Music College in Switzerland or one of its international equivalents. The competition will have three prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd and possibly one or more special prizes.

All three rounds will be open to the public


The last date for registration is the 15th October 2019. You must register directly on our site

The registration shall only be considered definitive after all the following documents have been received at

  • Official proof of the candidate’s age (copy of your passport or identity card)
  • A brief curriculum vitae (where you studied, professors, professional activity, prizes won)
  • Two different, recent colour photos of a quality no less than 300 dpi.
  • A recent video  recording (no less than 12 months old) of the preselected programme
  • Confirmed payment of the 50chf (fifty Swiss francs) preselection registration fee.
  • a contact telephone number (with international code please)

For all questions or problems concerning the registration please contact us at : 



A recent video file (no more than 12 months old) of very high quality containing only the programme required by the preselection dossier. A Youtube link, in Hight Definition.

If there are problems sending the file via the inscription page it is possible to send a DVD or send the video via a transfer service. In these last two cases be sure to warn us about this when you register. 


a)  The pieces must be recorded in their entirety and without any editing, no cuts. The compulsory pieces may be recorded separately.

b)  The microphones must be placed at the correct distance to ensure a good sound quality.

c) The frame of the video must remain static and encompass the tuba player and the pianist who must remain visible at all times.

d)  The pieces must be separated. (Absolutely essential) 

e)  Public recordings are permitted as long as all the requirements, cited above, are respected.



The cost of registration for the video preselection of the International Tuba Competition 2020 is CHF 50.- (fifty Swiss Francs) to be paid in one transaction in its entirety.

The cost of registration for the 40 successful preselected candidates for the International Tuba Competition is CHF 200.- (two hundred Swiss Francs) to be paid in one transaction in its entirety.


By bank transfer (In this case a copy of proof of payment must accompany the registration for documents.)

Bank details : 

PostFinance SA

Rue du Château-d’EN-Bas 33

1631 Bulle (Suisse)


N° IBAN : CH43 0900 0000 1521 6443 6

N° Account : 15-216446-6

Account Name : SWISSTUBA.CH

Payment by cheque is not acceptable.

Bank charges or transfer fees are at the candidate’s own cost.

The registration fees are in no case whatsoever reimbursed. 



The Friends of the Concours de Genève, partners of the competition, are offering to all candidates who wish, free accommodation in a single room in their homes. The candidate is asked to contact their host family at least 15 days before the competition starts otherwise the room will be offered to another candidate .

The host families in Geneva welcome the candidates on a volunteer basis. It is therefore not only required but imperative that candidates observe a polite and respectful behaviour towards the host families. 


Candidates will receive. during the period of the competition and their participation in workshops and concerts, two vouchers of 20chf per day, reimbursable in nearby partner restaurants or shops. 

Candidates will receive on the day of their official registration in Geneva, a identity-pass which they must keep on their person at all times during the competition. This pass will permit the candidates access to all rounds of the competition and associated events and will include a free ticket to the finals.

INSURANCE: is not responsible for any loss or damage to property and health or accident costs incurred during the candidate’s stay in Geneva. To this end all non-Swiss candidates are encouraged to take out health and personal liability insurance for the period of the competition. It is advisable to take out instrument insurance as any damage to your instrument will not be covered by the



The purpose of the preselection videos is to ensure that the participants in the competition are of a sufficiently high standard to take part in the public qualifying rounds of the competition. The preselection will take place in camera in the presence of the preselection panel’s five members of which one shall be a member of the official judging panel of the competition in 2020 in a studio that guarantees the best possible conditions for evaluating each prospective candidate. The names of the successful candidates will be posted on our internet site before the 15th of October 2019. They shall also be informed personally before the 15tht of October 2019 and will receive an official confirmation of their participation explaining where and when they should present themselves in Geneva. 


Candidates must register themselves in person at the time and place stipulated by the competition . Exceptionally some cases may be considered for late registration but only but only for good reason and the exception must be granted and agreed too by the competition beforehand. 

A. Official Registration (between 16h et 18h): 

The official invitation sent in August will give details of where and when in Geneva the registration will take place. The candidate will arrive with their passport or identity card and their official invitation. The candidate’s participation will only be definite once the registration has been. completed. 

B. The Draw for the first round (to be held at 18h): 

The draw, to be held after the registration has been finalised, will determine the playing order of all the candidates during the entirety of competition. 

If a candidate, in exceptional circumstances only, is unable to be present during the draw, they are obliged to justify their unavoidable absence without delay. Candidates may ask to be represented by someone or the competition organisers will draw a place in their stead. The candidate must immediately inform the competition administration when he proposes to arrive and he or she must be entirely at the availability of the jury for the first round.  

The order determined by the draw cannot be changed except in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances. In any case the direction of competition are the only ones capable of taking this decision.


The Competition comprises the following rounds. 

– 1st Round   : Recital

– 2nd Round : Semi-Finale

– 3rd Round : Finale (with orchestra)

The results will be announced after each round. The jury’s decision is final. 



The International Geneva Tuba Competition will be awarding the following prizes

  •  1st Prize CHF 10,000.-  
  •  2nd Prize CHF 7,500.-
  •  3rd Prize CHF 5,000.- 


The prizes, awards and certificates signed by the President of the Jury, the President and the Secretary of the Geneva Tuba Forum will be distributed to the successful prize winners during the closing ceremony which will take place after the final concert.


The first, second and final rounds may be filmed, recorded and broadcast on live streaming. The directors of reserve the right to choose extracts from all recordings of the finalists and prize winners for a CD of the competition. The candidates who pass the semi-final and final rounds will receive a recording of their performances. These recordings may not be broadcast in any way or form without the prior consent of The candidates are responsible for any content that they might broadcast of content relating to the competition that might be considered injurious to the competition. The prize winners renounce all rights to the recordings audio or video, and to all broadcasts radio, televisual or internet of the final and elimination rounds.


The artistic direction of the competition have independently chosen the seven members of the jury. They have been chosen for their international musical reputation and acclaim without any regard to their nationality, ideology, political affiliation or linguistic ability. 


The International Geneva Tuba Competition insists that the members of the jury respect the strict rulings defined in the regulations of the competition and that they are observed during each stage of the competition and voting procedures. For the benefit of the candidates the principal articles are the following:

  •  The preselection will take place during a viewing of the videos sent by all the prospective candidates. At least one member of the jury will be present during the preselection.
  • The members of the jury will abstain from voting for a candidate who has received regular lessons from them during the last two years or who will become a student of theirs in the following six months
  • The members of the jury take it upon themselves not to communicate with the candidates or their entourage during the candidate’s active participation in the competition. They adjure to respect the principle of confidentiality.
  • The President of the Jury shall vote like all other members of the jury. In the case of a tie, their vote shall count as double.
  • The official prizes shall be awarded in two stages: the Jury shall choose the best finalist and then decide if that finalist merits the First Prize or not.
  • All the prizes are not automatically awarded.


  • Patrick HARRILD, United Kingdom  President
  • Roland SZENTPALI, Hungary
  • Mike FORBES, United States 
  • Gérard BUQUET, France
  • Daniel SCHÄDELI, Switzerland 
  • Jens Bjørn-LARSEN, Denmark
  • Nam Ho KIM, South Korea 

Once each of the elimination rounds has finished, those candidates who have been unsuccessful will have the opportunity to discuss their performance informally with members of the jury. 

The jury’s deliberations are subject to internal and confidential rulings and their decision is final and without appeal.



The candidates are obliged to send their programme before the 30th September  2019. Nonetheless they can change the programme if need be before the 31st of October 2019. After which no change can be made to the programme in that which is required by the competition. 


The pieces commissioned specially by the International Tuba Competition will be interpreted during the final and semi final of the competition. The information on where to obtain these compositions will be sent to the preselected tuba players before the 30th of September 2019. 


The candidates must present themselves at the official registration with all the scores necessary for the competition. The candidates must use original copies of the pieces they will perform. We remind all candidates that photocopies are illegal and are injurious to new compositions being created. 


The International Tuba Competition will make available to all candidates its official pianists. A rehearsal shall be organised for each candidate for each round. More rehearsals may be possible but this will be subject to the availability of the pianists and these rehearsals are at the candidate’s own expense. The candidates are welcome, if they wish, to bring an accompanist of their own choice and of course at their own cost.


The International Tuba Competition will organise simultaneously tuba workshops led by members of the jury for candidates who have been unsuccessful in passing the final and semi-final. A number of tuba quartets, octets and the Mega Tuba Ensemble will be organised, rehearsed and coached by the members of the jury. These various formations will give a concert while the jury is considering its verdict and before the final result is announced. The competition will conclude, in a group performance of all tubists present, with the Mega Tuba Ensemble.



30th September 2019           Closing date for  all registration documents 

8th-9th October  2019         Video Preselections

7th January 2020         Arrival of candidates in Geneva and official registration day

8th-9th January 1st Round  : Recital

10th January 2nd Round      : Semi-Final

12th January 3rd  Round      : Final with orchestra


A.    Preselection – video 

  • T. MADSEN : Sonata pour Tuba Opus 34, 1st and 2nd movement
  • K. PENDERECKI : Capriccio for Solo Tuba

The candidates are free to choose the order in which the pieces will played in their programme.

Participants are encouraged, of their own free will, to perform some of or all of their programme by memory.

B. 1st ROUND : (max. 40 candidates)

  • V. WILLIAMS : 1st movement
  • Another piece of your choice from this list:
    • E. GREGSON, Alarum
    • J. STEVENS, Salve Venere, Salve Morte
    • M. FORBES, Grumpy Troll (available for F or Eb tuba)
    • M. ARNOLD, Fantasy for Tuba

C. Semi Final : (max.10 candidates) 

  • G. BUQUET : Con Voce, commissioned by the Geneva Tuba Forum 2020
  • Another piece of your choice from this list:
    • E. CRAUSAZ, Eastern Folk Dances
    • R. SCHUMANN, Adagio and Allegro
    • E. BOZZA, Concertino
    • P. HINDEMITH, Sonate

D. Final with orchestra : (max. 3 finalists) 

  • M. FORBES : Alpen Concerto, for solo tuba and string orchestra (18-20 minutes)

Accompanied by: L’Orchestre de Chambre de Genève